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Sunday, November 22, 2009





FLAMES DODDLE is a great application that lets you to make your drawings with animated flames. Experience the fun in drawing with the flames of different colors and sizes and different backgrounds.

Start takes you to the drawing screen in DRAW mode. You can change the Background from Menu options. Tapping on Settings button takes you to the settings screen where you can do all the settings like changing flame colour/size, eraser size and sound controls. Tapping on DRAW/ERASE button changes to ERASE and DRAW modes. You can erase the complete screen in ERASE Mode by shaking the device, doing so will take you back to DRAW mode.You can also erase the drawing in parts by tapping the drawing. Once you are done with the drawing you can save the drawing to Picture Album or Email it to you/friends from the menu options.


· You can draw the picture with animated flames.

· You can add the flames to the background to look funnier.

· You can Email the snapshot of the drawing.

· You can save the snapshot of the drawing to the photo album.

· You can convey your words in flames to the loved ones with some drawing too.

· You can take the autographs of the people in your desired background.

· Select the picture of the person as background and have their autograph on it.


· Draw animated Flames on the screen.

· Saves drawing to Photo Album.

· Sends Email with the drawing Attachment.

· Change Background of the screen.

· Auto-hiding Toolbar

· Can change Flame size.

· Can change Eraser size.

· Shake the device to erase the complete screen in ERASE mode and goes to DRAW mode automatically.

· Select different Flame colors.

· Can see how the flame looks like while selecting and setting flame, flame sizes.

· Supports erasing parts of drawing in erase mode.

· Excellent Flame Animation.

· Supports sound adjustments.

· Animated Buttons.




Compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.


Please contact flamesdoodle@gmail.com for any queries or extra information about the application.